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Growing Change Project

First and foremost, we’d like you to know that this ambitious project has been proposed because of the tremendous support of our community, our staff, and the initial development team who have all worked tirelessly putting together the feasibility study. We have set our sights high, but we know the goals in this project are part of a much wider picture of support needed in our community.

A: Nurture Families was established by Hannah Reeve as a social enterprise. Starting out as an outdoor nursery providing early education for children aged 2 to 5 years old, the global pandemic saw a significant demand for family support at the nursery – more than the government’s nursery education funding could sustain. This led to a pilot study with targeted support for at-risk women and children at the nursery. Nurture Families was born!

This pattern of increased demand for family support work continues to today, with more women experiencing domestic violence, unemployment, single parenting and much much more. We know that women have been disproportionately impacted by the global pandemic, and Hannah and her team are taking a radical approach, building multiple social enterprises to create a holistic ecosystem of support for women, and children in the critical 1001 days and beyond. The proceeds generated by the social enterprises will go towards the funding of family support work at Nurture Families.

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